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How To Choose The Best Removal Company | Supercheap Storage Adelaide

How To Choose The Best Removal Company | Supercheap Storage Adelaide

Choosing a removal company is easier than it looks. Some removalists can be a real help, telling you how to handle your self storage and many also provide multiple services and charge good rates.

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Relocating? 3 Tips to Help You Stay Organized

Moving can be both an exciting and daunting task. While relocating brings new work opportunities and the promise of new friends, having to pack up and transport every item in your house can be incredibly stressful. Years of knickknacks, old clothing, and unused possessions all resurface to take up storage space and waste time. However, there is a silver lining to this, moving time is the perfect opportunity to go through everything and completely reorganize. With some planning it's possible to systematically pack up an entire house, eliminate unnecessary items, and keep track of goods to make sure that everything is easy to locate after the move.

Many people become so overwhelmed at the thought of packing that they never sit down and formulate a plan. Instead they aimlessly wander around, throwing whatever they find into boxes. This makes it hard to keep track of items and it makes unpacking very difficult. Before you start packing, go through each room and take a look around. Figure out what types of items you'll want to take with you and which ones you can part with. While you don't have to be too specific, it's important to get a general idea. This way you have a basic plan and can save yourself a lot of time once you start packing.

After looking through each room, you should begin to sort through items and determine what will make the move and what will be eliminated. An easy way to do this is to take the contents of a room and divide them into three groups. The first group is items that will be getting moved, the second is items that can be eliminated, and the third is for anything that you are unsure about. When getting rid of items it's also important to remember many charities would be more than happy to take used clothes, toys, appliances, and furniture. Many of your excess items can be donated to one of these organizations which will use them to help others. For the items that you are unsure of, it could be a good idea to keep them in a self-storage unit if you think one day you may need them.

After sorting out your possessions, start packing everything up one room at a time. By picking a single room and focusing on packing it you will know exactly where everything is. When using this method write the name of the room on the packing boxes and keep track of how many boxes it took to pack the room. This allows for easy reference when unpacking in your new home. It's also a great way to make sure that nothing goes missing. Another great way to ensure that everything arrives at your new location is to create packing lists. A packing list details every item that has been boxed, upon unpacking you check off each item as you take it out of storage. These lists are great for making sure that all your possessions arrive with you.

With proper planning moving can be a simple process. However, if you still feel overwhelmed by the moving process it's always possible to hire a professional moving company. While it will cost money, professional assistance will save you from stress.

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How Mobile Storage Works

Portable or mobile storage is a relatively new concept. Most people are familiar with the traditional storage where you rent a truck, pack and load your belongings, drive to the storage facilities, unload and move the items to your assigned storage unit. All these hassles can be eliminated and this is where mobile storage comes in.

Once you make an online booking or a phone call to a self-storage company of your choice, a portable storage module (aka pod) is delivered right to your home when you’re packed and ready to load. You can do the packing and loading yourself, or even pay an extra fee for the company to take care of all the hard work for you. Once you’re done, they take your storage module away and drive off to their warehouse without any hassle on your part.

An ideal situation when you might need such storage services is when you are undertaking a renovation or repair project in your home. Whenever that happens, you can just give them a call to schedule a mobile storage module delivery and it will show up in front of your door at your convenient time.
For those who want to do their own packing and loading, a good storage company will have useful packing advice and tips readily available such as best packing methods, or how to load the pods and distribute your goods properly to ensure safe and secure transfer and easy access later on. Packing materials and supplies are usually provided, sometimes free of charge.

A key component of the mobile storage concept is the use of high quality shipping container-like storage modules made of metal or plywood to store your items. Modules vary by sizes, depending on what suits your needs. Once you pick a suitable size module, it will be delivered right to your door. Typically, a module is designed to keep away the moisture to protect your valuable items, and is often elevated off the floor for maximum protection. The unit comes complete with a roll-up garage style door that will allow you to easily load and unload your goods. To keep your items safe, a padlock should be organized by youself so only you have access to the key. After you’re done, they will take your locked and loaded module and transport it to their secure warehouse.

Whenever you need to access your storage module, just give them a call in advance to let them know so they are ready to serve you during their business hours.
In terms of security, decent storage facilities and are securely locked and will have full security measures in place such an advanced alarm system, CCTV, and patrols.

You can decide whether you want a short-term/long term storage. The rental period usually starts from a minimum of one month with no long-term contract and penalty fees. But you’ll be able get a better deal if you go for a long-term storage option from the beginning.
Portable storage solutions allow you to load and store your items at your convenience, without the hassle of renting a truck and all the other tedious hassles that normally occur with the traditional storage system.